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Oxmoor Valley 1 - Ridge (RTJ Trail)Birmingham
Oxmoor Valley 1 - Ridge (10th Tee)Birmingham
Oxmoor Valley 2 - Valley (RTJ Trail)Birmingham
Oxmoor Valley 3 - Short (RTJ Trail)Birmingham
Ross Bridge (RTJ Trail)Birmingham
Highland Oaks 1 (Magnolia-Highlands) (RTJ Trail)Dothan
Highland Oaks 2 (Highlands-Marshwood) (RTJ Trail)Dothan
Highland Oaks 3 (Marshwood-Magnolia) (RTJ Trail)Dothan
Highland Oaks 4 (Short) (RTJ Trail)Dothan
Silver Lakes 1 (Heartbreaker-Backbreaker) (RTJ Trail)Glencoe
Silver Lakes 2 (Backbreaker-Mindbreaker) (RTJ Trail)Glencoe
Silver Lakes 3 (Mindbreaker-Heartbreaker) (RTJ Trail)Glencoe
Silver Lakes 4 (Short) (RTJ Trail)Glencoe
Cambrian Ridge 1 (Sherling-Canyon) (RTJ Trail)Greenville
Cambrian Ridge 2 (Canyon-Loblolly) (RTJ Trail)Greenville
Cambrian Ridge 3 (Loblolly-Sherling) (RTJ Trail)Greenville
Cambrian Ridge 4 (Short) (RTJ Trail)Greenville
Hampton Cove - Highlands (RTJ Trail)Huntsville
Hampton Cove - River (RTJ Trail)Huntsville
Hampton Cove - Short (RTJ Trail)Huntsville
Hampton Cove - Highlands (10th Tee)Huntsville
Hampton Cove - Short (10th Tee)Huntsville
Magnolia Grove - Crossings (RTJ Trail)Mobile
Magnolia Grove - Falls (RTJ Trail)Mobile
Magnolia Grove - Short (RTJ Trail)Mobile
Magnolia Grove - Crossings (10th Tee)Mobile
The Shoals - Fightin' Joe (RTJ Trail)Muscle Shoals
The Shoals - The Schoolmaster (RTJ Trail)Muscle Shoals
Grand National 1 - Lake (RTJ Trail)Opelika
Grand National 1 - Lake (10th Tee)Opelika
Grand National 2 - Links (RTJ Trail)Opelika
Grand National 3 - Short (RTJ Trail)Opelika
Capitol Hill - Judge (RTJ Trail)Prattville
Capitol Hill - Legislator (RTJ Trail)Prattville
Capitol Hill - Senator (RTJ Trail)Prattville
Capitol Hill - Legislator (10th Tee)Prattville
Capitol Hill - Senator (10th Tee)Prattville

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